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AHD System  
AHD Monitor  
AHD Camera  
Car Rear View System  
Camera for Bus and Truck  
3rd Brake Light Camera  
Car Camera  
Reversing System  
Trailer System  
Wireless System  
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Mobile DVR  
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CCTV Cameras  
Image Processor  
RI-7112 system
7 inch digital reversing system
CCD camera
support U shape bracket
RI-7106S Shutter Camera System
. 7 inch touch button monitor with U shape bracket
. With distance guide line
. Up to 2 or 4 AV inputs. Automatically switch to back-up camera views.
. Power supply: 12~24
. Sharp or Sony CCD chipset camera with auto shutter function
. Automatic Heating below 10 Celsius degree (optional)
RI-903Q-4 9 Inch Quad System
9 Inch Digital Quad Monitor System
With 4pcs CCD Camera
With 4pcs 15 meter cable
RI-1018Q 10.1 Inch Quad System
10.1 inch Digital Quad Monitor System
Back Light300cd/m2
With 4pcs CCD cameras ,4pcs 15 meter cable
Power requirement12-24V DC

RI-708B2 7 Inch System
7 Inch Digital TFT Panel with Sunvisor
Resolution : 800 x R.G.B x 480
2 way video input , 2 way audio input
15 meter extended cable
With stand & U shape bracket
RI-7039 7 Inch System
TFT LCD monitor with wide angle view and high resolution display.
Picture image may be adjusted for Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror and Normal viewing.
Power supply: 12~24V.

RI-705 Popular System
RM-705 Monitor + RC-502 Camera + 15meter cable
support 12~24V
RI-7082 7" Digital Reversing System
7 Inch Digital TFT Panel with Sunvisor
Resolution : 800 x R.G.B x 480
3 way video input , 2 way audio input, with AV-IN
With CCD Rear View Camera

RI-703 for Truck & Bus
(RM-703 + RC-502 + 15m Cable)
7 Inch Car Rear View System
RI-7Q2-4 Digital Quad Monitor with 4 Cameras
Excellent waterproof IP 69
7 inch digital Quad monitor
Support four camera inputs
Single View/Split view/Quad view

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