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RM-711 7 inch Digital Monitor
7 inch Digital Monitor
U shape bracket
RI-7112 system
7 inch digital reversing system
CCD camera
support U shape bracket
RC-3011M Camera with magnet
Rear View Camera with Magnet
White Light 8pcs
RC-3012M camera with magnet
Rear View Camera with Magnet
White Light 8pcs
RI-7106S Shutter Camera System
¡ù. 7 inch touch button monitor with U shape bracket
¡ù. With distance guide line
¡ù. Up to 2 or 4 AV inputs. Automatically switch to back-up camera views.
¡ù. Power supply: 12~24
¡ù. Sharp or Sony CCD chipset camera with auto shutter function
¡ù. Automatic Heating below 10 Celsius degree (optional)
RC-6011S Auto Shutter Camera
Auto Shutter Camera
RC-6012 Dome Camera
RM-905QDVR 9 inch DVR Monitor
RI-903Q-4 9 Inch Quad System
¡ù 9 Inch Digital Quad Monitor System
¡ù With 4pcs CCD Camera
¡ù With 4pcs 15 meter cable
¡ù A lot of Quad Style for you choose
¡ù Monitor Size£º9 inch digital quad monitor
¡ù Resolution£º800*R.G.B*480
¡ù Back Light LED£º250 cd/m2
¡ù Contrast£º500£º1
¡ù Anti ¨CShake£º4G
¡ù Power£º12-24V DC
¡ù Size£º235mm*170mm*76mm
RI-1018Q 10.1 Inch Quad System
¡ù 10.1 inch Digital Quad Monitor System
¡ù Back Light£º300cd/m2
¡ù With 4pcs CCD cameras ,4pcs 15 meter cable
¡ù Power requirement£º12-24V DC

RC-5018A Side View Camera
Hottest Side View Camera
RM-710 Digital Monitor
Digital Monitor with Touch Button

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